MyKee - Titanium Multi-Tool Key

Created by Narbeh Khoygani

MyKee - Titanium Multi-Tool Key
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3,301 backers pledged $126,825.00 on Kickstarter

The most compact 18-in-1 multipurpose tool that can change the way you do things every day! Made In USA

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$126,825.00 / 3,301 backers
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$40,373.00 / 4,041 backers
Estimated Shipping Date: January 2017
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Rainbow Anodized Titanium Split-Ring
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Titanium Split-Ring

Learn About Our Project:

MyKee is a patent pending project we have been working on passionately and we can finally say its ready for showtime! 

MyKee is a simple, brilliant and highly functional tool that will change the way you do things every day! With its combination of tools, it's bound to wow your friends and make your everyday tasks a lot simpler.

Our focus for this key was to create a tool that is stylish, strong and most importantly functional. We focused on the importance of the usage. We took note of our everyday habits and focused on tools that we use the most on a daily basis and we started incorporating those tools into our design. 

Material: To deliver a long lasting experience, we decided to use Grade 5 Titanium that has high strength, low weight ratio and outstanding corrosion resistance.

Thickness: 0.100"  Weight: 0.185 oz 

We care for the safety of our backers. The semi-sharp blade is sharp enough to cut open a letter but not your skin! Our sharpening process allows us to create a blade that is safe to touch.

Rainbow Anodized MyKee is our latest addition and is now available as a FREE upgrade. It's tacky, cool and unique! 

Bundled With Rainbow Anodized Split Ring
Bundled With Rainbow Anodized Split Ring

Production Process: For the benefit of our backers, we decided to keep the production process simple and short to meet all levels of demand in a cost effective and timely manner. Each key is precisely cut via CNC Water jet, grinded and brushed. We pride ourselves on quality and we want nothing short of that for our backers! In order to achieve quality, we will be using american made titanium and our manufacturing process will be held in the U.S.

We designed MyKee to be not only lighter and stronger, but functional and innovative. So we started from scratch, adding essential design elements to a deceptively simple but yet functional design. Patience has been an important factor in our designing process. We have continuously tested and prototyped different designs in order to create MyKee. 

What are KeeBits? KeeBits is our latest addition to the campaign! They are patent pending dedicated flat bit tools that are designed and engineered to work with MyKee. 

The sole purpose of KeeBit tools are the added functionalities. KeeBits gives us flexibility and introduces new possibilities.

How it works: It's Quite Simple! The bits firmly lock in to MyKee with the claw.

We are currently working on introducing other tools including: standard philips screw driver, rope cutter and other hex wrenches. Stay tuned for our updates as we continue to fully develop new KeeBit tools that will make MyKee even more functional than it already is! 

Funding Process

Depending on the volume of orders we receive, the manufacturing process will range anywhere from 2-3 weeks. After a successful funding, we will start productions and start shipping them.