MyKee - Titanium Multi-Tool Key

Created by Narbeh Khoygani

The most compact 18-in-1 multipurpose tool that can change the way you do things every day! Made In USA

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Detailed Update
almost 5 years ago – Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 09:45:58 PM

Hi everyone, a new update was long past due and it has been our fault mainly for not being able to post updates as frequently as before. But we are coming to you with a very detailed update, to clear all concerns in regards to international shipping.

Email Status: We initially stated that international backers that wont receive tracking will receive an email update stating their package has been shipped but unfortunately we’ve discovered that every time we manually mark packages as shipped on Backerkit, it doesn't email the backers.

Is my package shipped? If you’re an international backer, we are almost done sending them out as we have about 500 more orders to go. Please expect your package within 1-2 weeks range as those who have ordered 1 or 2 keys, they have been all sent out. Please be patient as we work out the larger orders. 

International Packages
International Packages

International Packaging: The keys are packed in yellow padded envelopes. The outside of the packaging contains the label, which includes the customs form with the proper contents listed. We have indicated the contents as “Small Bottle Opener” and “Key Ring”. We understand the package travels a far distance, so we made sure our padded envelopes contains a strong adhesive. Also to insure that the package will not get stuck in any of the postal machines, we've secured the key and the ring on a white board that is yet rigid but easily bendable. For our international backers, the packages are handed to the administrative postal office, which is the main postal headquarter.

Example of Our International Packaging
Example of Our International Packaging

Domestic Backers: We use the integrated Backerkit shipping solution, in which then allow us to email the tracking our backers.

Why all the delay?

Having our backers wait was not our initial goal but unforeseeable conditions do occur as much as we tend to control them. Because of it, we’ve received criticism that was due. We are taking that criticism and are learning from our mistakes as we do admit that we have made few that could’ve made the process faster. We are better prepared now, as the experience has made us learn from those mistakes. However we are not planning on letting our backers down. We want everyone to understand, that behind the scenes, we are dealing with ton of work and the word of our manufacturer gets passed down to our backers meaning when we agree on a deadline, sometimes the end result does not reflect what we wanted. We hate sending out keys that are not properly manufactured as it reflects our work. It has been proven that rushing our manufacturer can be quite troublesome. Bronze anodization being an example. We are aware that the oil on the skin can very slightly change the color of solid anodized colors, but not to a point of making it disappear. ( although if wiped with water, the color comes back to normal )

What’s Next? We’ve finally received all the Phillips Bits along with the extenders and we are waiting for the flatheads to be finished (Will be by the time you see this update). We will fill up rest of the orders as soon as we receive them so we can finally put our backers out of the misery of waiting for so long. We've perfected the Phillips bits and it was not easy, however we are proud of the end results! Each individual Phillips bit has been machined. Original Design MyKees are finished with manufacturing as well, which was holding back the shipping process. In few days, we will be posting another update! 

Don't worry about the condition presented in the picture above, the picture was taken before Bead Blasting them.

Thank you, Team Koygani

Shipping Update!
about 5 years ago – Mon, Jan 04, 2016 at 10:19:21 PM

Happy New Years! We hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays. We’ve decided to post an update to keep everyone up to date on our progress. We are grateful to hear that our backers are receiving their MyKees. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to get to everyone’s comments and messages due to being understaffed but that won’t be an issue starting tomorrow! We are adding more members to our team, further dividing our responsibilities to make everything much more smoother for our backers.

International Backers

We’ve spent an enormous amount of time researching the shipping methods best suitable for various countries and regions and have reached to a conclusion. The orders with smaller quantity such as backers that have ordered 1 or 2 Mykee’s, the keys will be shipped in #10 envelopes and unfortunately we wont be able to provide a tracking number for those orders but we have confirmed with various postal offices that the size and thickness wont cause any problem for the conveyor belt as it will pass through it. With the increased rate of shipments that was present during the holidays, the chances of packages getting lost was increased and now that everything has settled down, there is a huge batch of keys scheduled for pick up today! Needless to say, we will send out a status email.

Moreover, we encourage everyone to be patient as we process more orders, as our manufacturers have not been able to work in constant rate due to the holidays being in the way. All remaining keys will be fully shipped out within the next 2 weeks.

Backer Care

We care for our backers and our goal is for every backer to be satisfied! We have great amount of messages and comments coming in daily bases and as mentioned before, we haven’t been able to properly address them in timely manner due to being understaffed. With an addition of few team members with the responsibility of answering and addressing backers concerns, our aim is to be able to accommodate everyone! 

With the New Year upon us, we thank everyone for not only supporting us and believing in our project, but being patient and understanding regardless of the delays! We wish everyone an amazing year, one filled with joy, happiness and health! 

Thank You, Team Koygani

Phillips KeeBit is Back + Shipping Update!
about 5 years ago – Mon, Dec 21, 2015 at 10:24:40 PM

Hi everyone, a new week is upon us and we have some news to share as we have shifted gears!

Few updates back, we’ve mentioned the manufacturing complications that Phillips KeeBit was presenting us with. With everything going on and with the constant delays, we’ve decided not to give up on our backers and continued our search to find another manufacturer that could help us! Phillips KeeBits are back again and we are happy to be bringing them back as that is the least we could do. There is no profit margin in manufacturing the Bits, keeping our backers happy is our priority!

In other news, we are using combination of UPS along with USPS for our international orders and with that being said, due to the holidays, shipping delays are expected but non the less we are focusing on the package getting to you without complications. We’ve already shipped 1000+ keys and are in process of sending out the rest day by day so please be patient while we get to your order.

We encourage everyone to be on a lookout for a shipping notification email from Backerkit as packages get sent out. Tracking number is listed in the shipping notification email. Please allow at least 48 hours for tracking numbers to be updated in the system as orders are picked up in large quantities. 

If we haven't been able to get to your messages or comments, do forgive us! We'll do our best to do so in a timely manner.  With the constant running around and sleepless nights, we are pushing ourselves to meet everyones demand. Also we'd like to thank everyone for understanding us and being patient, it truly means a lot to us! 

Happy Holidays! Team Koygani

Quick Update!
about 5 years ago – Fri, Dec 11, 2015 at 11:08:12 PM

Hey everyone, we’ve decided to post a quick update since we haven't been able to respond to the comments. We understand everyones concern when it comes to delays and our apologies goes to everyone but nonetheless we are thankful for your support and patience! 

Our model has always been to be honest and truthful and with that being said we can't deny that we are behind schedule due to the overwhelming level of orders! With limited amount of team members, we've managed to put in hard work and dedication in order to fulfill the orders. At this point we cant promise that majority will be able to receive their keys by Christmas since we have a great deal of orders and requests that we tend everyday however that won't stop us from trying to make the impossible happen. 

Another concern for us has been working with different shipping carriers to ensure everyone gets their MyKee since USPS isn't suitable for most regions in the world. Believe us we care about every single one of you guys and it's our responsibility to make sure packages get to you without any problems. 

We apologize once more and we ask everyone to please hang in there just a little longer while we pick up our pace! We did speed up the production of MyKees, which will help us reach our shipping goal faster. 

We didn’t get a chance to post more pictures in our last update, but we’ve decided to do so in this one to keep everyone up to the date. 

Production Model Brushed MyKees!
Production Model Brushed MyKees!
Semi-Finished Tumbled MyKees
Semi-Finished Tumbled MyKees
Split Rings All Bagged Up!
Split Rings All Bagged Up!

We greatly appreciate your patience!!

Thank You, Team Koyagni

Quick Reminder!
about 5 years ago – Thu, Dec 03, 2015 at 11:46:39 PM

We hope everyone is doing well! We’ve been completely occupied preparing ourselves for the shipping process. We're putting a sheer amount of hard work and dedication in order to ensure everyone gets their MyKee and we couldn't be more happier doing so!


We understand the wait has been long and we thank each and every one of you for being patient with us. We’ve never imagined an overwhelming amount of support was headed our way when we first launched our campaign but nonetheless we are grateful to all of you! As usual, small hiccups are always present in any manufacturing process regardless of its scale and fortunately for us, we’ve made it through and are super excited for reaching to a point of shipping!

As mentioned before, we'll be shipping the keys in batches and the quantity of each batch is estimated to be around 1000 keys. However with the quantity of a single batch being estimated, we'll be doing our best to possibly exceed that number.

Shipping Method:

We’ll be using USPS to ship out the keys. When it comes to shipping carriers, we all had our own share of bad experiences and our goal is minimize that as much as possible. Once packages are handed to the carrier, we'll no longer have control and to our extent of knowledge in rare occasion sometimes packages get lost along the way although and we hope that won't be the case with us! Tracking #s will be provided nonetheless.

International Backers:

Few international backers have reached out to us and have shared their past experience and concerns regarding USPS. We greatly care about the delivery experience and with that being said, if anyone had a problem with USPS before please let us know! 

Important Reminder! (For backers who ordered Phillips KeeBit)

Please read this reminder carefully! In our update #24, we’ve mentioned due to manufacturing difficulties, the phillips KeeBits wont be manufactured and backers will be refunded for that certain bit. With the absence of the phillips bit, some backers have reached out to us and asked for a refund for the full set. With everything going on at the moment, we’ve dedicated our focus on shipping the keys to our backers as fast we can. In the near future when everything settles down for us, we’ll be developing more bits and change our manufacturing method.

Due to being completely occupied, we haven't been able to proceed with the refunds. However, before shipping the keys, we’d like this update to serve as a reminder to those who ordered the set. The refund will be only for the phillips keebit as the other 2 bits had no manufacturing issues. If not having the Phillips KeeBit becomes a deal breaker for you, please message us so we can proceed with your refund in a correct manner.

When will MyKees be sent out?

We're preparing the first batch of MyKees to be picked up by the carrier sometimes next week. Tracking #s will be updated in BackerKit ( We’ll post an update once tracking #s become available) We apologize not being able to make updates as quickly as before. Since our focus has shifted to preparing the packages, we’ve become extremely occupied! With that being said, regardless, we're always happy to help.

There are 8 more additional boxes filled with bubble mailers that wouldn't fit in the picture!! 

Thank You, Team Koygani